Friday, August 28, 2015

Hazardous Waste Self Certification for Long Term Care facilities

The 2015 hazardous waste self certification is kicking off again starting September 1, 2015 ending September 30, 2015.

Your facility will be receiving TWO postcards - one to the administrator and one to the director of nursing. In addition, both of those will also be receiving an email with details. If you do not receive an email, send an email and let me know! I will forward the information directly to you.

The postcard will have your EPA ID number on the front. USE the entire number when you get to the website to fill out the certification where it asks for YOUR EPA ID #. 

The link to the self certification is below - wait until Sept 1, 2015 to start but be sure to get it done and submitted no later than Sept 30, 2015 - 

Once on the website you click the Nursing Home and Institutional Hospice Checklist link

That puts you into the certification and away you go!