Thursday, September 18, 2014

Agenda for September 25, 2014 ALR Advisory Committee Meeting

You are invited to attend our next ALR Advisory Committee Meeting on Thursday, September 25, 2014 from 12:00-2:00 PM in the Sabin-Cleere room, located on the first floor of Building A on our Cherry Creek Campus. 

Please click here to view the September 25th Tentative Agenda and Parking Pass. On the day of the meeting, please visit this page again and check for any meeting handouts. You can also view the meeting summary from the July 24 from here.

Please RSVP to no later than Tuesday, September 23, 2014 and indicate if you will attend in-person or call in. Conference calling is for providers outside the Denver metro area. To participate by telephone, please follow these instructions:

Step #1: Dial 1-877-820-7831 
Step #2: When prompted, dial participant passcode 897373#
Step #3: You will be on music hold until a few moments before 12:00 PM.
Step #4: Very important: Please press *6 and mute your telephone to prevent background noise. If you would like to make a comment or ask a question, press *6 to unmute. When you are finished talking, please re-mute your telephone using * 6 again.

If you have any questions, please contact David Marcy at or 303/692-2926.

MDS Fall Training!


Fall is just about upon us, and therefore time for the fall festivities. The MDS trainings this season will be only one day long, and will focus on the upcoming changes to the MDS that will be effective October 1, 2014. We will also be looking again at those tough areas within the MDS, so be sure to let us know which are your "toughies". The Denver venue will be September 12th here at the Health Department. Grand Junction will be September 18th. For a different look at Northeast Colorado, we have changed the venue to Fort Morgan on October 2nd. The Pueblo venue remains the same and will be on October 7th. Please note, we have updated the process for registration below:

Registration (Detailed Instructions if Needed):1. Go to If you have an existing CO.TRAIN account Login, or new users click "Create an Account"3. Once you have logged in, or created an account, Search (top right) for Course ID: 10529924. Click link for "MDS 3.0 Training (One Day)"5. Click the "Registration" tab6. Click the "Register" button for the session you wish to attend

JUST A REMINDER...If you have both certified and non-certified beds in your facility, remember that any time a resident is transferred from a certified bed to a non-certified bed, a discharge MDS must be done. Likewise, any time a resident is transferred from a non-certified bed to a certified bed, an entry MDS must be done (not a reentry).

We look forward to seeing you all this fall! Feel free to contact Phyllis Brighton with your questions and or 303-692-2894

**Due to funding and venue capacity this training is not open to the general public.**

Important Information Regarding a Change in Background Check Requirements for Home Care Agency Owners

On 8/29/14, a portal message was sent regarding changes in background check requirements for administrators / managers of home care agencies. This message is about changes to background check requirements for owners. 

New state law (House Bill 1360), effective July 1, 2014, requires background checks for an owner of a home care agency who has 50% or more ownership interest in the agency. Specifically, the law defines an owner who must undergo a background check as: a shareholder in a for-profit or non-profit corporation, a partner in a partnership or limited partnership, member in a limited liability company, a sole proprietor, or a person with a similar interest in an entity, who has at least a 50% ownership interest in the business entity. 

Owners who meet this definition are required to submit a complete set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for the purpose of obtaining a criminal history record check utilizing the records of the CBI and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Submitting Background Checks to CBI:
Initial, Renewal, and Change of Ownership Applications. Since the background check for owners is now a condition of licensure, the Department will issue licenses after receiving and reviewing background check results. 

To be in compliance with the new requirement, please submit fingerprints for any owners who meet the definition above to CBI prior to or at the same time you submit your license application. (For initial, renewal and change of ownership applications submitted between July 1 2014 and the receipt of this communication, the Department will contact you regarding this requirement.) Since the processing of background checks by CBI and the Department can take upwards of three weeks, you may want to submit the fingerprints to CBI as soon as practicable. If fingerprints have previously been submitted, no further action is required.

Instructions for completing the background check process, including a sample fingerprint card and a listing of locations where fingerprinting is conducted can be found on the provider resources page for Home Care Agencies on the department's website. 

Please contact the Licensure Customer Assistance Line at (303) 692-2836 with questions.