Monday, July 28, 2014

MDS Training!


MDS/RAI 3.0 Training has been scheduled for August 28 -29, 2014 at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

Registration begins at 7:30 am on August 28, 2014. 

This will be a comprehensive training and hopefully will give you more information than you ever wanted.

We will be soon scheduling the Fall one-day trainings for the 4 venues (Denver, Grand Junction, Fort Collins and Pueblo) for the months of September and October. These one-day trainings will focus on the changes CMS will have made for their fiscal new year (October 1st) and any "TROUBLE" areas in which folks would like more clarification. Suggestions for "TROUBLE" areas will be appreciated.

Registration has changed:
2. Click on "Get Licensed or Certified"
3. Click on "Medicare & Medicaid Certification"
4. Under MDS Training, click on "Online Training Registration"

MEDICARE Advantage Organizations (MAO) and CMS
The directive that came out for 7-1-14 from CMS is telling the MAOs what they have to have on their claims for them to get paid by CMS. Therefore, nursing homes must supply the HIPPS from the Admission (not Entry) assessment. The nursing facilities still need to follow the PPS timeline if this is agreed upon by the MAO and the facility as shown in their contract. If a flat fee is paid, the nursing facility still needs to do the Admission MDS to establish the HIPPS that CMS requires of the MAO for payment. These assessments will continue to not be submitted to CMS. The nursing facilities' business offices will then have the HIPPS they need for their bill to the MAO. This applies to those residents that are in the facility for 14 days or less.

We look forward to seeing you all this August and fall! Feel free to contact Phyllis Brighton with your questions and finds: or 303-692-2894.

**Due to funding and venue capacity this training is not open to the general public.**