Monday, March 6, 2017

MDS 3.0 Submission Outages

On Friday 02/24/2017, there was an outage of the national QIES database that receives MDS 3.0 submissions. This outage was short-lived. For your reference, such known outages are posted at .

During such times, MDS submissions will not be accepted through no fault of your software. Assessment batching for group submission (for example, via JRAVEN) may also give short-lived error messages due to the inability to connect with the distant server.

However, the State of Colorado will also have a known outage on Monday, March 6, 2017 to Tuesday March 7, 2017. This outage will not be posted on the national website listed above, because it is a local server replacement and does not apply to other states. 

Facilities should plan ahead for the submission process to be disrupted all day, both days, on two working days. This has payment implications for PPS assessments due at that time. IDT and MDS coordinators may wish to consider alternate ARD dates using grace days to avoid loss of PPS revenue. Surveyors might note late assessments during this time on surveys happening next year, and not be instantly aware of the reason for the submission delays. 

Please plan ahead for this disruption with your processes and your documentation.

Questions?: Please email