Thursday, September 29, 2016

Assisted Living Residence Administrators: Please join us for one of the upcoming day-long training sessions

10/26/16 - Denver **This training is only open to ALR's with 19 or fewer beds**
11/1/16 - Colorado Springs
4/13/17 - Denver

*Training sessions in Ft. Collins and Grand Junction are being scheduled. Watch for future portal messages with the dates and registration information.*

Lunch will be provided for all training sessions.


Community Services Program Update 
Find out about the current state of Assisted Living Residences in Colorado, including the Chapter 7 regulation revision that is currently in progress. 

"So I have my Quality Management Program (QMP), now what?" 
A QMP is more than a policy or checklists. We will complete a group exercise that will help you better understand how implementation of a QMP can help your community achieve self-compliance and be ready for your next survey.

Just the Facts ~ Environmental Safety Awareness & Prevention
Environmental Safety Awareness & Prevention What are the most frequent pitfalls experienced by ALRs in the area of providing safe and sanitary communities for their residents? We will share the regulatory requirements, most frequently cited issues and resources for prevention of deficient practices in this area. 

"Hey, Don't You Hear Me?" 
We will look at Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia through the eyes of residents. What is happening inside the person experiencing dementia? We will discuss the stages of the disease process, the different forms of dementia and discuss methods of assisting residents experiencing dementia. Secure environment regulations will also be reviewed. Are you doing the right things? Are you keeping someone too long in your facility? Are you at risk for failure?

"I Am Not Just a Box to Be Checked" 
A comprehensive pre-admission assessment is an important first step in determining whether or not your community can meet potential resident's needs and if a resident is a good fit for your community. What does a comprehensive pre-admission include? How can your community utilize a comprehensive pre-admission assessment to inform service provision so caregivers are able to provide for the unique needs of each resident?

"Tylenol Please! Medications Give Me a Headache"
What medication issues cause administrators the biggest headaches? From refills and refusals to QMAP practice, let's discuss regulations and best practice.

To register, follow the below instruction:
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3. Once you've logged in, or created an account, Search (top right) for Course ID:1065464
4. Click on the link for "2016/2017 Colorado Assisted Living Caregiver Training"
5. Click the "Registration" tab (top).
6. Click the "Register" button for the session you plan to attend.

For a detailed example of the above process go to:

For account creation/registration information, please contact: Janice Ormond 303-692-2843

For ADA assistance or additional topic information, please contact: Betsy Jarama 303-692-2820

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