Friday, July 1, 2016

Update of Division IDR Policy

A newly updated Division Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) policy was recently posted to the Department website. The policy affirms the Division's commitment to offer an informal review of deficiency findings to all licensed and certified providers (facilities, agencies and programs) through either an IDR committee or Division staff in the Health Facilities Quality Branch. 

The policy has been reorganized (1) to identify the IDR process by provider type; (2) to set forth standardized provider requirements when selecting IDR; and (3) to centralize operating rules of the IDR committees. This reorganization triggered consolidation of several sections and removal of those which were duplicative. 

The update includes one IDR process change. The use of a two-person panel from the Division to review ALR IDR requests with an intermediate condition or restriction has been eliminated; this review process will rest with the ALR IDR committee.

The updated policy, effective July, 2016, may be viewed at 

For any questions regarding the updated IDR policy and procedure, please contact Elaine Sabyan at 303-692-2815, or email her at