Monday, April 4, 2016

Extension of influenza season for purposes of health care worker influenza immunization regulation

The health care worker influenza vaccination regulation defines "influenza season" as ending on March 31 (see language from rule below). This year, the influenza season will extend beyond this date, as we continue to see a significant number of hospitalized influenza cases as of the week ending March 26. 

For the purposes of the rule, "Influenza Season" will extend through April 30, 2016, unless you receive additional communications from us.

6 CCR 1011-1 Chap 02, Part 10

"Influenza Season" means November 1 through March 31 of the following year, or as otherwise defined by the Department epidemiology and flu surveillance team.

10.6 If a licensed healthcare entity demonstrates that it has vaccinated a targeted percentage of its employees in a given year, using its own methodology, it shall be exempt from the requirements of sections 10.7 through 10.12 of this Part for the following year as long as it continues to use the same or more stringent methodology. 

(A) The minimum targets required for this exemption are: 
(3) 90 percent of employees vaccinated by December 31, 2014; and by December 31 of each year thereafter.

10.8 Each licensed hospital, hospital unit, ambulatory surgical center and long-term care facility shall have a written policy regarding the annual influenza immunization of its healthcare workers that, at a minimum, addresses the following criteria:

(B) Ensuring that each healthcare worker who does not have proof of immunization wears a surgical or procedure mask during influenza season when in direct contact with patients and in common areas as specified by the licensee’s policy. Such masks shall be in addition to other standard personal protective equipment.