Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chapter 5 Rule Revision Final Draft – Request for Comment

The long term care stakeholder group has completed its year-long project to review and revise the Chapter 5 Nursing Facility rules. The entire chapter has been rewritten and renumbered in order to incorporate the various changes. Highlights of the changes include: 

- New definitions; 
- Revising medical care services to allow for expanded use of non-physician practitioners consistent with Colorado law;
- Updating therapist qualifications; 
- Using more person centered language; 
- Reorganizing and shortening the sections on feeding assistants and enforcement; and 
- Updating the sections on health information records, restraints and dental services. 

A table of contents has been added at the beginning of the draft for ease of use in reviewing and comparing to the current rules. The Division plans to ask the Board of Health for a public hearing on March 16, 2016, for adoption of the proposed rules. The proposed rules may be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByqZDBabyNVSV0Z4MVFBU0FwMkk

Please submit your comments or questions no later than Wednesday, December 23rd to:

Laurie Schoder, Policy Analyst, 303-692-2832 or laurie.schoder@state.co.us or
Margaret Mohan, Branch Chief, 303-692-6486 or margaret.mohan@state.co.us