Thursday, March 26, 2015

*Correction* 60 Second Check For Resident Safety

*A previous message sent out 03/17/2015 contained the wrong link to the 60 Second Check information. The correct message and link are below.*

Between 2008 and 2012, 13 outbreaks of hepatitis B virus infections occurred in Assisted Living Facilities, almost all of these outbreaks were directly related to assisted blood glucose monitoring among residents with diabetes. 

In response to this preventable safety concern, CDPHE has created a series of 60 Second Safety Checks focused on safe care in the Assisted Living Facility. 

The linked 60 Second Check is focused on the 7 essential steps to prevent unintended harm related to lancing devices. Please take 60 seconds to review the steps and share with others in your facility, including those that do not administer injections.

Please distribute widely within your organization.

Do you have an upcoming training that might benefit from Infection Prevention and/or Injection Safety materials and/or guest speakers? 

Please contact April Burdorf (303.692.3514) at, Injection Safety Coordinator at CDPHE.

Visit the following link to access previous 60 Second Check resources.