Friday, September 26, 2014

Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (Independent IDR) for LTC – Procedures Revised

All LTC facilities have the opportunity to timely request Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) of deficiencies cited during a survey. 

Under Section 6111 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, in addition to the opportunity to request IDR, facilities notified by CMS of the imposition of a Civil Money Penalty (CMP) based on the findings in the deficiency list have the alternative option to request Independent IDR for review of the deficiency or deficiencies upon which the CMP was imposed. CDPHE has received 15 requests for Independent IDR since January 2012. 

For the past three years, CDPHE has contracted with one individual to review Independent IDR requests. Starting October 1, 2014, Independent IDR requests will be reviewed by a three-person panel involving an individual from the State Ombudsman's office, an individual from the long-term care community (Administrator, Nurse Consultant, or DON of a facility certified under Medicare and/or Medicaid), and an individual from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Health Care Policy and Research. 

If you are interested in representing the long-term care community and are acting in the capacity as Administrator or DON, please submit a resume to

Resumes will be collected until October 15, 2014.