Friday, September 26, 2014

Free online staff training on mandatory reporting law for abuse of at-risk elders

As you are hopefully aware, a new law went into effect in Colorado on July 1, 2014 requiring certain professional groups to report abuse, neglect and exploitation of at-risk elders (70 and older years of age) to law enforcement.Mandatory Reporting of At-Risk Elder Abuse Caretaker Neglect and Exploitation, developed by Colorado Adult Protective Services at the Colorado Department of Human Services, is free online staff training on this new law. 

This mandatory reporter training takes just 45 minutes to complete and covers-Who are mandatory reporters-Signs and indications of types of mistreatments-How to report-Failure-to-report ramifications

Once students complete the training, they can print out their results for your files and themselves. Some of the mandatory reporting professional groups include health care professionals, all staff of hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences, EMS and other first responders, home health providers, hospice workers, caretakers, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, social work practitioners. 

You can also get to this training if you cut and past this link into your browser:

For more information, visit the Department of Human Services mandatory reporting web page at