Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Single-Dose or Multi -Dose? Not all vials are created equal

This message is being sent on behalf of the Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division at CDPHE.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is now an official partner of the One & Only Campaign , a public heath campaign led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Safe Injection Practices Coalition (SIPC) to raise awareness among patients and healthcare providers about safe injection practices. The campaign aims to eradicate outbreaks resulting from unsafe injection practices.

CDPHE, CDC and SIPC urge all healthcare providers to know the difference between single-dose and multiple-dose vials. The One & Only Campaign recently launched an interactive infographic that walks healthcare providers through the safe use of vials from various perspectives - providers, office managers, and patients - and concludes with a quick quiz to test your knowledge of medication vials. The infographic is available in two formats:

- Web-based infographic (
- Printer-friendly PDF (

Please feel free to distribute this infographic widely among healthcare providers and other networks, including email and social media. Thank you for your efforts in educating your partners and colleagues about safe medical injections!

Questions or comments? Contact Sarah Janelle ( at 303-692-3018.