Monday, May 22, 2017

MDS 3.0 Casper Reports to run before June 1, 2017

CMS has extended the time period to comply with the new Section GG Admission and Discharge completion requirements.  

CMS will now determine eligibility for the retaining the Market Basket Rate for Federal FY ’18 (which starts October 1, 2017) partially on the compliance report which is now in each facility’s Casper Folder.  This report is labeled “SNF Review and Correct Report”.  It is important to determine if your facility agrees with this report as listed before the time period allowed for corrections expires.

Some facilities have been using dashes instead of assessing at least one Performance rating and one Discharge goal in 5-day PPS submissions.  As a reminder, less than an 80% compliance rate with completing at least one Performance task rating and at least one Discharge goal will reduce Market Basket Reimbursement rates in FY ’18.

If you disagree with the data you see on this report, please consider the following steps:

1) Run the Casper Report labeled “MDS 3.0 Assessments with Error Number XXXX”.  Put in run options to choose error -3863 (Discharge Goal not Identified) for the Current Fiscal Year as the Date Criteria.
2) Examine this report, which assists on determining which assessments CMS is counting as Non-compliant for purposes of the Review and Correct report.  You should recognize names and time points for these Warning messages.
3) If you agree that there is no adjustments to these assessments, or you have already corrected these assessments, your task is complete.
4) If you are surprised by this report, it is your responsibility to ascertain assessments that need to be modified.  It is important to the reimbursement rate that you make these modifications successfully by May 31, 2017.

Please remember that this report only tells if this particular error message (-3863) has appeared at any time on any of your validation reports.  It does not tell you if a correction has already been made.  

5) To check your work, or to see what the current CMS record will pull for their compilation in June, please run the “MDS 3.0 NH Final Validation” Report for the Current Fiscal Year as the Data Criteria. You should see the original Assessment ID (as listed in the center column on your error report), and a later Assessment ID for that same resident showing as a modification.  You can then run an additional Casper report for “MDS 3.0 NH Assessment Print” using that later Assessment ID to verify that CMS has retained the correct information.

Not every facility will need to take all these steps.  This message is simply a warning to make sure that your reimbursement rate in FY ’18 is correct.

Additional useful reports addressing this situation can be run asking for errors -3864, -3864, and -3866, which are all fatal errors. These assessments have probably received adequate attention to assure submission success, but a further check might still be valuable.

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